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Programme Overview LIFE is a professional learning pathway that covers all sectors in Islamic Finance namely Islamic Banking, Takaful and [...]
Programme Overview Today, emerging leaders are expected to take over challenging responsibilities which require important fundamentals skills as well as [...]
Programme Overview Having effective staff members and an effective team around is crucial in delivering business goals and objectives. However, [...]

29 Sep 2021 - 30 Sep 2021
Programme Overview Ambitious organisations need new ways of thinking and innovative approaches to accelerate business results to stay competitive through [...]

4 Oct 2021 - 7 Oct 2021
  Programme Overview Conflicts are a natural part of business life and also the biggest threat to effective collaboration. According [...]
Programme Overview Fiqh Mua’malat Professional Programme (FMPP) is BILIF’s signature programme, exclusively designed to produce Syariah Advisors for the Islamic [...]
Programme Overview Qualifying Examination For Insurance/Takaful Agents (QEFITA) is a Licensing Programme organised by CIBFM with the support and guidance [...]

14 Oct 2021 - 15 Dec 2021
Programme Overview Today’s fast-changing and competitive world requires HR professionals to effectively work with business leaders to enhance the performance [...]
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