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Events - 24 Oct 23

Programme Overview “CSAA” stands for Certified Shari’ah Advisor and Auditor and it’s one of the two fellowship programmes offered by [...]
Programme Overview The LIFE programme is a professional learning pathway that covers all sectors in Islamic Finance namely Islamic Banking, [...]
Programme Overview This programme offers a comprehensive exploration of leadership principles with a strong focus on self-leadership and emotional intelligence. [...]
Programme Overview Being able to communicate effectively is important in order to get your messages and information across successfully and [...]
Programme Overview The course will provide a high-level focus on the transitions that financial institutions need to undertake when moving [...]
Programme Overview Withholding constructive feedback is like sending a person on a long and complicated hike without a compass. Feedback [...]
Overview Join us for an insightful journey of Syariah Advisory Series (SAS), where innovation meets tradition, and where the convergence [...]

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