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AAOIFI: Certified Shari’ah Expert (CSE)

Programme Overview

Certified Shari’ah Auditor (CSA) is a fellowship programme to develop human resource for Islamic financial institutions’ internal Shariah audit, external Shariah audit, and Shariah compliance functions. The primary objective of the programme is to equip candidates with technical knowledge and professional skills requires to prepare and conduct risk based Shari’ah audits and compliance reviews in accordance with AAOIFI standards, other international standards and global best practices.

The programme emphasises practical knowledge and real-world applications to enhance and optimise the learning experience.

Key Features

  • The programme is primarily based on AAOIFI Shariah standards which are the result of the industry’s founders’ and scholars’ knowledge, experience, and wisdom.
  • In addition to Shariah, the programme covers product development, accounting, risk management and governance promote multidisciplinary learning.
  • By fulfilling the Practical Experience Requirement (PER), CSE candidates will gain invaluable experience in contributing to activities of Shariah supervisory boards, Shariah compliance and product development.


To be eligible for CSE fellowship, candidates must hold a bachelor’s in Shariah and law studies from a reputable traditional school or university, or an equivalent degree / qualification.

Registration Deadline

Last date to register
30 June 2024

Programme Fee

Categories Stakeholders Non-Stakeholders
Examination Fee $3,150.00 $3,200.00


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