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Achieving Time Efficiency


Why are there so many different organizational systems and time management methods out there? The answer is simple: there is no easy, one size fits all answer. You must build a solution that works for you.

Over the course of this two-day workshop, we will explore various time management and organizational tools and techniques to build a customized productivity plan. At the end of the course, the participant will emerge with a plan that works for them, so they can start to regain control of their life.


This two-day workshop will teach participants to:

  •  Identify what personal efficiency is, what skill sets can improve personal productivity, and what attitudes to cultivate
  •   Explain why multi-tasking is a myth
  •   Describe what role long-term goals play in short-term efficiency
  •   Share a personal vision and develop dreams and goals from it
  •   Apply the 80/20 rule and learn how it should affect planning
  •   Identify the characteristics of a good organizational system
  •  Develop a plan for an efficient workspace, including a customized information center and a filing system
  •   Apply a system that will allow the processing of any type of information that crosses the desk, including e-mail, electronic files, paper files, voice mail, text messages, and drop-in visitors
  •   Use the Eisenhower principle to prioritize work
  •   Say no
  •   Use routines to simplify life
  •   Understand what procrastination is and develop methods for tackling tasks


  • Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Executive Officers



Mr. Sajnani has had about 29 years’ experience in the training industry, the recent 19 years running his own consulting business and prior to that 10 years having worked for two major training organizations, Learning International formerly known Xerox Learning Systems, (presently known as AchieveGlobal) and Dale Carnegie, as both a Training Consultant, and finally as one of the Institute Directors.

Raju has 8 years hospitality experience working in front desk, sales and management for Hilton Hotels. Mr. Sajnani also holds a diploma from the American Hotel Association.

Some of Raju’s prior clients include: Cathay Pacific, HSBC Private Banking, DFS, Citibank, Credit Suisse Private Banking, HK Trade Development Council, Warner Lambert (Parke Davis), Motorola University, Apple Computers, Wing Hang Bank, Dao Heng Bank, Beauford Ipsen, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Nestle Hong Kong, Guardian Insurance, Jardine Insurance Brokers, Jardine Davies (Philippines), Winterthur Insurance, Holiday Inn Golden Mile, as the Novotel Century and Le Meridien Cyberport hotels.

Raju is outgoing and employs participative methods in his training ensuring that every participant in his class has the opportunity to gain from the session. He creates an atmosphere of sharing and open discussion whereby all the participants are willing to get involved in the session in order to ensure that there is a benefit to everyone in class.

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