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Better Collection for Juniors


The high participants and content rich program has been originally designed and the improved over the years for front line collectors. With slowing economic times, debtors are becoming tougher and tougher to part with their money. People like to buy things, but they don’t like to pay. Collectors who are either inexperienced or experienced but with bad habits will collect less than properly trained ones. It’s important that every collection contact is handled well because it may be the last contact you have with that customer before he or she becomes uncountable. Collectors need to be able to collect maximum, quickly, while speaking politely. If not, they will collect less money and more broken promises. Collector need many ideas and techniques to motivate them to succeed in this difficult, stressful job.


  • Learn new techniques to get people to do something they don’t want to do: PAY!
  • State the primary role of a Collector
  • Practice the 6 steps of a collection call in English and Malay
  • Practice the steps to tackle broken promises
  • Use time-saving scripts
  • Handle common customer excuses quickly and confidently
  • Contact customers wit more confidence and professionalism
  • Diffuse upset customer using the A.U.S.E

Who Should Attend?

  • Collector
  • Frontliner

Programmes Outline

Module 1: Creativity & Attribute in Collections

  • The primary role of a collector
  • Using creativity in a collection
  • Skills vs. Attitudes
  • Coyle’s 5-Collector Commandments. 

Module 2: Handling Debtors

  • Handling payment excuses using an easy 3-step formula
  • Tackling different debtor types
  • Using bridging statements to calm angry customer
  • Calming angry customer using A.U.S.E
  • Getting R.E.D (reason for defaults)

Module 3: Asking for The Money

  • Using the 12 Most Powerful Words in the English Language to persuade people to pay
  • Following the 6 steps of collection call to collect maximum
  • Reducing broken promises

The Expert

Steve Coyle, founded Service Winners in 2003. The company focuses on Credit/Collections training. Originally from Seattle. Steve has lived in Malaysia since 1995. Prior to Service Winners he worked in Customer Service-Collections and Human Resources at Maxis Mobile. He is a Maxis Pioneer. In the U.S., Steve worked at Verizon Wireless and in the banking industry with C.I.T. Equipment Financing, Inc. He has experience in handling both consumer and commercial accounts. He has worked in both call centers and banking (hire/purchase) environments. His experience in both the West and Malaysia allows him to share best practices. He has an M.B.A from Gonzaga University (U.S.) and a Master in Instructional Technology from University Malaya. He is a certified Credit Executive from the National Association of Credit Management (USA) and a Certified Financial Collection Professional (Canada). He is a member of the Association of Credit Management Malaysia. He is the author of Debt Collection: Stir Fried or Deep Fried??. He also writes for local and Western financial, training, and call centre magazines. He frequently speaks at collections and accounting conferences.

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