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BILIF Open Day 2023

We are delighted to announce that we will be organising our Open Day on 19 January 2023! It will feature insightful presentations and sharing sessions by local and international experts on the theme “Inspire, Innovate, integrate” to expand participants’ knowledge and skills, as well as to inspire them to take their professional development to the next level.

There will be some exciting line-up of vendors who will be joining us ranging from food to financial institutions. You will also get to play some fun games at the BILIF booth and get a chance to win some prizes!

Slots are limited so register now through this link Registration Form or by scanning the QR code provided in the brochure.

See you then! Contact us now at wa.me/6738271140 or askSEED@bilif.com.bn for more information.


Download Brochure Here

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