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Budipekerti Coaching


BudiPekerti Coaching is the very essence of Eastern Leadership and Management Values that focuses on the Hearts and Minds as the foundation to influence and inspire employees for higher performance and productivity.

“BudiPekerti” is a Sanskrit word to describe Character and Personality. Western Management Science has always been emphasizing the significance of the “Hearts and Minds” as the basis of human character and personality. BudiPekerti is an eastern values as personified positively in many Eastern Cultures.


  • Learn the Fundamentals of “BudiPekerti” Leadership & Coaching to “Raise The Performance Level of their Employees”
  • Understand their Leadership Personality and that of their Direct Reports, Peers, Bosses and other stakeholders
  • Identify their strengths and sources of BudiPekerti Leadership Power and learn how to tap on these power to achieve effectiveness in leading others.
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Influence Skills in order to effectively manage their stakeholders
  • Learn to apply the skills and knowledge they acquire for day-to-day businessand organizational situations by mentoring others

Programme Outline

  • Introduction into BudiPekerti as the Essence of Eastern
  • Leadership Culture: The Hearts and Minds
  • BudiPekerti Leadership & Coaching – Practical definition
  • Power of BudiPekerti and its Sources
  • The Personality Tray: Psychometric Assessments of Participants and its Implication on BudiPekerti
  • The Model of BudiPekerti Leadership and Coaching
  • Leadership Video Analysis
  • Power of BudiPekerti Influence Skills
  • Power of BudiPekerti Attraction
  • Power of BudiPekerti Disclosure
  • Power of BudiPekerti Assertion
  • Power of BudiPekerti Disengagement
  • Behavioral Simulation and Feedback I
  • BudiPekerti Performance Engagement
  • GAP Analysis
  • Cause Effect Analysis – P-7 Analysis
  • Coaching Actions Analysis
  • Behavioral Simulation and Feedback II
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