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Leadership in Islamic Finance and Economics (LIFE)

Programme Overview

The LIFE programme is a professional learning pathway that covers all sectors in Islamic Finance namely Islamic Banking, Takaful and Islamic Capital Market and is designed upon knowledge delivery mapped against competency levels in order to enable a structured learning process for the participants. The programme helps produce quality experts in the field of Islamic finance in Brunei Darussalam to remain current in respect to the knowledge and skills required to deliver professional services in pace with contemporary professional development. Aligned with BDCB’s Financial Sector Blueprint (FSBP), this programme is part of BILIF’s effort to further develop the Islamic finance industry in Brunei Darussalam in accordance to the country’s National Vision 2035.

Entry Requirement

For Common Core as follows:

  • 2 O Level
    *Note: No working experience and related degree required

Programme Learning Progression

The LIFE learning progression is divided into 3 structures:
Specialised knowledge:

Common Core 

Participants will learn more in depth of their preferred specialization. Participants will take modules and examination necessary to become a specialist in their selected sector.

Sector Core 

Sector core covers the main focus of Islamic Finance which are Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Market and Takaful. Participants will select their preferred sector either Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Market or Takaful.

Specialised Knowledge 

This core covers 9 knowledge areas that are common within all sectors in the industry - Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Markets and Takaful. These modules are compulsory.


LIFE Common Core is organised as a self-paced online study via our BILIF plus platform where all applicable learning materials are available and ready to be accessed according to the participants’ schedules.

Your Investment

Level Papers Modules Examination Period Dates
1 Paper 1 LIFE CC01 – CC04 July – August 2022 04 July 2022
07 July 2022
13 July 2022
21 July 2022
12 August 2022
19 August 2022
25 August 2022
Paper 2 LIFE CC05 – CC06
Paper 3 LIFE CC07 – CC08
2 Paper 1 LIFE CC01– CC02 September – October 2022 02 September 2022
09 September 2022
15 September 2022
21 September 2022
28 September 2022
06 October 2022
13 October 2022
Paper 2 LIFE CC03 – CC04
Paper 3 LIFE CC05 – CC06
Paper 4 LIFE CC07 – CC09
3 Paper 1 LIFE CC01– CC02 November 2022 –
January 2023
03 November 2022
10 November 2022
17 November 2022
25 November 2022
01 December 2022
08 December 2022
15 December 2022
22 December 2022
10 January 2023
Paper 2 LIFE CC03 – CC04
Paper 3 LIFE CC05 – CC06
Paper 4 LIFE CC05 – CC06

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Fiqh Mu’amalat Professional Programme (FMPP)

Programme Overview

Fiqh Mu'amalat Professional Programme (FMPP) is BILIF’s signature programme, exclusively designed to produce Syariah Advisors for the Islamic finance industry. The programme covers critical areas of Islamic banking and finance to produce professional Syariah Advisors that are able to consult and lead the Islamic finance industry. Additionally, FMPP will enable participants to develop solutions for Syariah related issues, conduct Syariah audit and review and offer advise and consultation services to the industry.

Entry Requirement

This programme is targeted for participants who are:

  • New Syariah Advisors;
  • Syariah Audit Personnels;
  • Syariah Review Personnels;
  • Syariah Advisory Board Members;
  • Syariah Compliance Officers;
  • Syariah Researchers;
  • Syariah Graduates;
  • Advocates & Solicitors; and
  • Aspiring Syariah Advisors with a Recognised Degree in Syariah, Islamic
    Finance or Mu’amalat.


Bachelor’s degree in Syariah / Fiqh Mu’amalat/ Islamic Finance / anything
equivalent; or completed Leadership in Islamic Finance and Economics
(LIFE) Common Core Modules.

Your Investment

Fee $10,000

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