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CBI Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance

Programme Overview

Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance aims to increase the learner’s knowledge and understanding of climate change and its impacts, climate risks as well as emerging environmental and sustainability risks. It also covers the evolution of green and sustainable products and services in the banking, investment and insurance sectors. It also aims to increase the awareness on the role of the finance sector and finance professionals in supporting the transition to a low-carbon world.

Who Should Attend

The certificate is aimed at financial services professionals around the world who wish to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of green and sustainable finance.


There are no entry requirements for the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance, and no prior knowledge of the green and sustainable finance sector is assumed.

Assessment Structure

  • Green and Sustainable Finance is assessed via an online exam comprising of 75 multiple choice questions.
  • The examination will be conducted at BILIF.

Programme Outline

The 2021 edition of the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance syllabus has been significantly developed to consider the wider aspects of environmental sustainability, aligning finance not only with the objectives of the Paris Agreement but with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The updated syllabus outlines the following;
  • Explains what is meant by ‘Green’ and ‘Sustainable’ Finance, the key factors that underpin the science of climate change, and the ways in which the finance sector can support the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.
  • Explains the role of a range of key players and policy and regulatory frameworks in aligning finance with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the importance of monitoring, measuring and reporting impacts, outcomes and flows of finance.
  • Examines the nature and importance of key climate, environmental and emerging sustainability risks, and how these may be managed.
  • Describes how different types of financial services strategies, activities, products and services (including banking, investment and insurance) can support the development of green and sustainable finance, the transition to a low-carbon economy, and the quality and functioning of the natural environment and natural systems.
  • Describes the role of financial technology in supporting the growth of green and sustainable finance.
  • Explains the steps that regulators, policymakers, institutions, organisations and Green and Sustainable Finance Professionals can take to support the mainstreaming of Green and Sustainable Finance.

Your Investment

Categories Stakeholder Non Stakeholder
Examination Fee $1,250 $1,300
First Time Registration Fee $66 $66


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