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Compliance For The Banking Industry


‘Compliance’ is a term which has become more frequently used nowadays. This programme aims to provide participants with a high level understanding of what compliance is and why developing a compliance culture at modern banks is so important for reputation, financial performance, customer relations and regulatory reasons. It is a half day workshop structured around four interactive sessions as shown below.


Participants should be able to identify the benefits of compliance and implementing a sound compliance culture and have a high level awareness of international compliance standards which relate to banks


Senior management of banks and staff related to regulatory reporting, internal audit, control and risk management functions in banks


Introductory Session:
What is ‘compliance’?
How did ‘compliance’ originate?
What is the compliance function?
How does it interact with the Risk Management function?
Isn’t compliance the same as Internal Audit?
How does compliance relate to the Financial Control function? Where is compliance in the corporate governance framework?
Is compliance just about money laundering?

The Compliance Dilemma:
Real life role playing examples for participants.

The compliance culture:
What are the international standards for banks?
What are the prerequisites and preconditions for a good compliance culture?
Who is involved with compliance?
What is contained in a compliance policy and a compliance charter?
What is a compliance audit and how does it work?

The costs and benefits of compliance and non-compliance:
Reputation, customer relations, staff morale, profitability.


Richard Ellis has worked for a total of five central banks, specializing in policy formulation and supervision. His recent work has involved developing and implementing the corporate governance code and framework for financial institutions in Bahrain, with particular reference to the compliance and control functions. He has also worked on anti-money laundering and associated legislation and rules over the past 16 years in The Bahamas and Bahrain prior to coming to Brunei in 2015. His other work includes implementing Basel II and Basel III. He has also worked for a major audit firm and a global bank group and therefore his outlook on compliance from the three perspectives of bank, regulator, and audit firm promise to make this introduction to compliance and the compliance culture highly useful and thought-provoking for participants

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