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Corporate Finance


This is a three day detailed and practical workshop that investigates the different aspects of corporate finance from strategy, capital budgeting, risk measurement, performance optimisation, financing and performance measurement. Detailed spreadsheet models and case studies are included in this workshop which is hands on … Bring your laptops!


  • Learn how to interpret financial statements, develop a set of financial performance ratios that can be used to identify the health of a company.
  • Understand best practices in corporate budgeting how firms analyse and finance operating costs.
  • Gain insight into methods for financing working and fixed capital in small and large corporate firms.
  • Learn best practices for corporate and financial due diligence of investment projects.
  • Review different types of corporate structures and their implications on subordination.
  • Review different types of practices for sensitivity analysis, solvency and how firms transfer balance sheet risks using various financial instruments.


This workshop has been designed specifically for finance departments, account managers, business analysts looking applying advanced corporate finance techniques in their businesses.



Risk Framework Architect | Markets, Utilities, Supply Chains. Over 20 years working with various companies on risk management and finance across the emerging markets.

Risk Framework Architect. Martin is a risk framework architect who designs risk, valuation, pricing and management systems for banks, brokerages, exchanges, energy houses. He has more than 20 years’ experience developing bespoke risk reporting and scorecard solutions for institutions with a particular focus on credit and market risk. He also has a very strong knowledge of structured finance as well as project finance, and has been involved in deal restructuring, investment and treasury functions. He has several years working with banks, power stations, telecommunication companies and commodities firms in risk and valuation. He is currently working with several companies throughout South East Asia and the Middle East, assisting these organisations build industry best practice risk & valuation frameworks. In the futures markets, Martin has worked closely with a stock exchanges in South East Asia assisting designing new commodity instruments and is an credited trainer for the International Academy of Financial Management on structured finance. Martin is a Six Sigma Black Belt project manager, has outstanding information technology skill, is able to program in C++, VB, VBA, S-Plus and R-Project for statistical analysis of data.

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