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Creative And Effective Team Building


This three day fun filled training focuses on building individuals as team members and leaders. This will not only make new corporate acquaintances know their co-participants better but also enhance team dynamics and performance. Team building activities, which are directed at the overall improvement of a team?s performance through interaction, communication, interdependence and trust among team members, are part of the daily corporate culture for any company. Improving these skills will boost the overall performance of any individual and team.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to identify  the different types of teams and develop different strategies for leading them.
  • Recognize the different team development stages and behaviors.
  • Master techniques to manage teams at each stage of development, known as Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning.
  • Develop range of great team building activities.
  • Gain strategies and  techniques to ensure effective and productive team meetings
  • Develop great team problem solving and facilitation skills.
  • Learn techniques to foster teamwork and create a supportive team culture.

Programme Outline

  • Self and Team Building
  • Communication and Conflicts
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Leadership
  • Enhancing Team Performance


  • Build a positive environment for teams, by focusing on the aspect of communication, organisation,  problem-solving, leadership and time management skills within a team.

Who Should Attend

  • Manager and Executives who believed in the value of positive work environment.

The Expert

Geetha Rubasundram is a Chartered Accountant (MIA) and a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA). She is an Associate Member of the Chartered  Institute of Management Accountants with a MSC in Auditing, Management Accounting & Information Systems from France, and currently pursuing her PHD focusing on Corporate Governance. She has about fifteen years of experience and has worked with international entities in Europe, Middle East and Asia in the financial and management accounting scope, as well as Human Resource, covering industries such as Information Technology, Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Real Estate, Community Management, Facilities Management, Utility Management etc. This experience has provided her with valuable insights to recommend best practises to companies with international dealings with her understanding of their operations and processes. She has also implemented cost saving processes for manufacturing companies,  understanding the various engineering and production processes that was required in the process, including recommending and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. In line with the Malaysian Government?s focus on the Year of Creativity & Innovation, she has also provided training for Government bodies (MOSTI, MDEC, MOE, YIM) to enhance the participant?s creativity and innovation, including transforming creativity into innovation, motivation, and other soft skills. She also works closely with Non Profit Organisations to provide training. Her focus was in Sri Lanka, focusing on training those displaced by the internal war in areas such as Finance, Entrepreneurial, Information Technology, Language, and Soft Skills such as leadership, motivation, team building, career building, confidence building and personality building. A particular team building and leadership workshop that has impacted her as a trainer is for the displaced persons from the Sri Lanka war. The session was fun filled and activity based, and brought out the strengths of these extremely determined individuals. The leadership training, especially transformational leadership and change management components are included in most of her trainings either directly or indirectly. A recent training via the Malaysian Institute of Management focusing on value creation included sessions to reflect changes that leadership would need to focus on. Another soft skill training , ? Creativity & Innovation? was carried out for a group of hotels when they wanted to implement their Idea Bank. Other soft skills training which include Time Management, Confidence Building, Team Building have also been carried out through Asia Pacific University. Being from a higher management background, who has led teams through thick or thin, she is able to relate to the typical organization environment and management issues. This valuable experience from various countries worldwide is embedded in her training programmes. Apart from that, she has also carried out training in Returns on Investment for Human Resource Management, Finance & Accounting, Fraud Risk Management, Internal Controls Management as well as Management Accounting for her clients in various industries. The programs carried out have been tailor made to suit the requirements of the clients and involves activities and case studies where possible, to ensure maximum interaction with the participants. Download Brochure

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