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Critical Thinking & Reasoning


What separates the effective from the less effective professional is clear: the ability to think critically and competently. Simply put, the individual who can think fast and well has a lot more mental resources to achieve higher performance than one who lacks good thinking skills. According to researches and business professionals, this is true for almost any field including engineering, retail, finance and so on.

There is no doubt that good thinking skills are crucial for personal and professional execellence. When you are armed with critical thinking tools, many benefits inevitably follow. For example, you will know how to identify thinking flaws, differentiate between good and bad suggestions, communicate persuasivel, manage difficult people or circumstances, and more. Ultimately and inevitably, good thinking skills allow managers to improve their top-line and bottom-line outcomes.



  • Understand the key issues regarding Critical Thinking and its crucial importance in making sound judgement.
  • Will have learned how to engage and question others with a view to reaching clarity of thought about another person’s thinking, as well as being able to asses whether the argument follows logically from reasoning.
  • Will have learned how to identify fallacies and poorly constructed arguments.
  • Develop ab action plan to improve their reasoning and thinking skills.
  • Understand the crucial importance of identifying a PREMISE and to assess whether the conclusion derived from a premise or premises are logical and reasonable.
  • Encourage participants to look at arguments objectively and in a detached and rational manner. In other words, to think objectively and ‘critically’ that is in a detached manner as to what is being proposed.
  • Practice clear thinking methods so as to generate ideas and solutions to presented problems or different options to a problem.
  • Using structured methods of analysis and decision making will keep a matter moving forward.



  • Module 1: Thinking – Introduction
  • Module 2: The Learning Experience / Styles
  • Module 3: Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • Module 4: Critical Problem: Some Problem
  • Module 5: Statements –  Premises, and Conclusions
  • Module 6: Arguments!
  • Module 7: Inductive Reasoning
  • Module 8: Fallacies, Watch out these STRUCTURAL errors
  • Module 9:Evaluation of Arguments
  • Module 10: Six Thinking Hats
  • Module 11: Booby Traps in Thinking especially problem solving or decision making
  • Module 12: Left Brain vs. Right Brain (The War of the Brains)



Steve Murphy has had more than 30 years in Senior Management experience first as a Senior Manager with the prestigious Munich Reinsurance Group, the with the world’s 4th largest reinsurance group. Hanover Re, where he was first a General Manager, then Chief Executive of its largest subsidiary for over 18 years.

Steve’s key strengths lie in providing inspirational leadership, motivating and developing teams; developing turn-around strategies, and creating sense of vision and passion within organisations. His leadership style qualified him as a finalist in his home country’s 1999 “Boss of the Year” competition, and subsidiary he led was twice nominated as a  finalist in the “non-listed company of the year” award.

Steve’s special areas of interest involve leadership’ strategic negotiations; turning around struggling organisations; cross  culture diversity; coaching and mentoring future leaders; conflict resolution; presentation skills and facilitating strategic planning.

Steve is an accomplished speaker who brings to the training room wealth of first hand, and real time experience and examples of negotiating challenges; conflict resolution; the crucial role of leadership and the importance of developing and motivating teams.



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