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CUDA-Communicating Up, Down and Across


It can happen at a moment’s notice: you need to communicate a new idea to senior managers, influence your colleagues to support your proposal or inspire direct reports to make a change. Are you prepared to communicate with anyone in your organization? Do you know how to analyze your audience? Can you frame your message so that people feel connected to you?

To connect with many types of people while projecting confidence, credibility and trustworthiness requires specific tools and strategies. You’ll focus on the specific communication skills and competencies necessary to build mutual understanding and connectivity with others, regardless of your role. You’ll also discover influence strategies and learn how to critically evaluate each unique communication event.


  • Analyze your audiences and situations and plan your message
  • Create processes to frame your message to specific audiences
  • Apply strategies to influence and motivate others throughout the organization
  • Understand how communication can impact how much influence you have
  • Exhibit a strong sense of self-confidence with your peers, direct reports and managers

Programme Outline

  • Solving real workplace communication issues
  • Recognizing the role of communication in developing influence and improved productivity
  • Exhibiting a strong sense of confidence and external image
  • Applying strategies to build and use rapport and identification with colleagues
  • Targeting your message to the situation
  • Planning effective messaging in teams when up/down/across members are present
  • Applying message-framing strategies to create a responsive environment
  • Practicing how to deliver messages that promote clear and productive communication
  • Motivating and influencing throughout the organization
  • Evaluating and practicing various motivational and presentation formats

Expert’s Profile

Mr S K Ng has been active in Singapore Police Force and Civil Defence Force for 20 years. Thereafter, he was head-hunted to join the private sector, evolving a no less challenging career in Singapore, China and ASEAN.

SK has dwelt with a good number of crises as a leading civil servant in Singapore Police as well as the Civil Defence Force.

He has also been a Government Spokesperson for more than a decade before leaving the public sector – and repeating his forte and roles in the private sector in the capacity of a leading Principal Consultant and Trainer, Chairman of Advisory Committee, Project Director and Lead Advisor, in Singapore, ASEAN countries and China. He has been assigned – on 12 occasions in 2015—2016 alone — by the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs to ASEAN Countries to train their senior public servants on Leadership and Communication, Crisis Management, Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management. Each Workshop lasted 4 to 5 Days in each country. He has further designed, trained and counselled on Crisis Management and Crisis

Management for years, for clients such as the entire Group of Carrefour in China, and

various ferries groups in, say, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines in the capacity of Director Disaster Recovery of the famed American Management Association, responsible for scores of leaders and frontline supervisors’ training in crisis management-cum-disaster recovery.

Over the years, SK has been conducting Communication-related 2-Day Workshop benefiting organizations such as the PSA, NUHS, and Accenture.

He has further trained Ministerial leaders in Brunei – MINDEF and MOE – on Crisis Management strategies and plans for their directors, deputy directors, heads of departments

and returned scholars.

SK has been consulted by a multitude of corporations on crisis management strategies and the effectiveness of their implementation. An example is China’s Bei Che Group (Northern Communication/Transportation Group, a national conglomerate akin to SMRT in Singapore, with many times more of magnitude of business and influence).

SK has presented — representing the Singapore Government — in regional/international

conferences such as—

  • Conference On Community Safety (in Tokyo, Japan; hosted by Japanese Police)
  • Conference on Singapore Road Safety & Traffic Management (hosted by WHO, in Singapore)

As a Principal Consultant & Lead Advisor in the private sector, he has presented on –

  • China’s Corporate Strategy (hosted by NTU, in Singapore)
  • Crisis Management in the Educational Sector (organized in conjunction with the World Education Forum 2014) held in Xian and Shenzhen, China
  • International Educational Conference for the Government, Educational Institutions and other entities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China

Moreover, SK has presented in prestigious forums at the following institutions on Singapore and/or Crisis Management-related themes –

  • Peking University
  • China’s National Public Administration Institute
  • Central Party School, Beijing, China
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