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Developing Effective Marketing Strategies


This is a practitioner-oriented seminar focusing on the thinking processes and tools needed to develop practical marketing plans to build sustainable competitive advantage for enduring customer loyalty and long-run profitability for the organisation. It provides a foundational approach to making customers buy repeatedly from you.


By attending this program, participants will have acquired a practitioner’s thought process to help them methodically address the various components of a marketing mix and thus evolve a practical set of decisions which will form the marketing strategy to guide their company’s effort to protect their existing customers and win new customers.

This program helps them surface the issues and questions for which they will have to find the information and answers to. It does not provide the answers for an effective marketing strategy but rather an effective process to help them develop one.

Learning Outcomes

  • Aware of the thinking process and key components needed in developing a practical marketing plan
  • Able to link the business unit strategy with each component of the marketing strategy
  • Able to identify the relevant tools, techniques & thoughts for their marketing issues

Programme Outline

  • Strategic implications of marketing for business growth
  • Marketing analytical framework and tools
  • Pricing strategies
  • Channel strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Net Marketing Contribution
  • Implementation and control
  • Marketing ROI and metrics

Expert’s Profile

Spencer Chan has over 30 years of professional experience and more than 23 years in marketing, that spans a spectrum covering fast-moving consumer goods, personal computers and consumer banking.  Mr Chan brings with him a rich and diverse set of hands-on marketing expertise.  He has also worked extensively in the USA, Europe, Central America, the Middle East and Asia, spending more than 13 years overseas gained from world-class companies like Proctor & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard, and Citibank and across international borders ranging from Europe, the Middle East, Central America and Asia.

He brings a wealth of practical business insights and is known for his clear and strategic thinking as well as his ability to help clients translate concepts and strategies into implementable programs to achieve measurable results.

A former Colombo-Plan scholar and Rotary International Foundation Fellow, Spencer has conducted extensively both academic classes and in-company workshops in sales, marketing and customer satisfaction in Europe and in Asia.  Spencer holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Australia and a Masters degree in Business from Purdue University.


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