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Effective Communication with NLP


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study and application of models of human excellence. It offers tools and techniques to transform your innate potential into performance – in both your personal and professional life.

In the corporate context, NLP tools and techniques can be very beneficial for the following issues that organizations often face:

1) INTER-PERSONAL communication issues between individuals, teams and even clients

2) Lack of CLARITY in communication that leads to inefficiencies in communication especially in the context of giving and receiving information and instruction

3) Issues with RELATIONSHIPS and lack of rapport with internal and external customers

4) Keeping an OPEN MIND when considering options in problem solving and understanding other PERSPECTIVES


  • Learn how to resolve INTER-PERSONAL communication issues between Managers, individuals within teams and even clients – this model can impact EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT and TRUST and Teamwork

* Understand a how our mind works, how we create our result and how to create the result we want.

  • Build Clear communication and Influencing Skills

* Notice what is NOT being said – to strategise on how to communicate more effectively and influence others.

  • Learn how to quickly build rapport and resolve issues in RELATIONSHIPS caused by a lack of rapport with internal and external customer

* … And maintain it in difficult situation

  • Keeping an OPEN MIND when considering options in problem solving and understanding other respective
  • Understand how to maintain a positive mindset

Programme Outline


  • Tool #4: MINDSETS FOR SUCCESS (NLP Tool: Presuppositions)
  • Tool #5: FISH


  • Tool #6: RAPPORT
  • Tool #7: SHIFT PERSPECTIVE (NLP Tool: Perceptual Positions)
  • Tool #8: PRECISION QUESTION (NLP Tool: Meta Model)

Experts’ Profile

Ms Roshini Ganesan has been in corporate training for over 14 years. She trained in over 10 countries in the area of Business Presentations, Customer service, Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Positivity to a diverse audience. Prior to this she spent 7 years in Corporate Marketing Communications. Roshini brings to her classes energy and enthusiasm and attendees consistently comment on how engaging and effective her sessions.

In addition to being a Certified facilitator in Law of Attraction, Master Practitioner in NLP, Certified trainer in EQ, Accredited trainer in Think On Your Feet®. She is also trained in the group facilitation process of Open Space Technology and in Interactive Training Strategies (by the renowned Dr. Thiagi).


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