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Effective Time Management


Effective Time Management is a workshop for line and staff managers and individuals who wish to make more effective use of their time. The materials and processes were developed over a period of several years with the objective of enabling management colleagues to become more skilful in their use of time and more successful in the achievement of their goals. It is a workshop where participants will use their own experiences. They will practise the skills necessary to analyse time use, set goals, plan and schedule events, avoid time waste and increase the amount of self-initiated time available to them.


  • To enable people to make choices about the way they use time, based on the analysis of their real world and their real goals
  • Provide practice in techniques for using time for the highest pay-off activities
  • Participants can emerge with the skills to help others in their work, home and play environments to make better use of their time

Programme Outline

  • Access own activities
  • Time- The Most Important Resource
  • Time Management and Productivity
  • Where are My Weakness in Time Management?
  • What I should be doing?
  • Goals, Key tasks and Activities- A Framework
  • Managing Time ‘Thieves’ and Wasters
  • Personal organisation: The techniques
  • Setting Priorities
  • Tools for Planning and Scheduling
  • Involving Others
  • The Work Environment and Time Management
  • Summary & Time log
  • Summary
  • Time Log
  • Questions
  • Analyse Your Time
  • Thirty Time Saving Tips
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