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Essential Coaching Skills for HR Professionals & Line Leaders

In these uncertain times, organizations are searching for a new means of kick-starting and sustaining high-performance through impactful human capital delivery. In this new normal, while leveraging digital technologies is a given however, the infinite potential of coaching has emerged as a generative solution that has as yet ‘under-realized’ leverages for talent strategy.

The factors driving coaching solution is its culture-shaping power and numerous benefits of it being ingrained within the organization to shape talent performance and development. For these uncertain times, coaching can help to address the need for enhancing trust and building flexibility and resilience in facing the new challenges, enabling more leaders to adopt a coaching style of leadership, and in the process growing a generative culture to ‘pivot for change’ in the new normal.

However, to be able to leverage coaching effectively in organizations, it is crucial that HR planners and professionals and line leaders first acquire an appreciation and a meaningful, in-depth working knowledge of what coaching is, and it’s processes and techniques as it is not theory but practice-based. As a result, they will be able to apply the skills to produce self-evident and outcome-based results and understand their tremendous potential.

This Workshop ‘Essential Coaching Skills for HR Professionals & Line Leaders’ is designed with the above context in mind.

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