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Essential Writing Skills for Insurance/Takaful Professional


Even through experienced in their field, insurance/takaful executives and managers cannot deny the need to communicate effectively through the written word. Participants will be introduced to core essential writing skills that will enable them to improve their personal effectiveness and contribute towards a more productive organization. They will learn to appreciate the specific writing skills for insurers and will be guided to analyse written documents via practical case studies.


This course will provide insurance/takaful executives and managers with the power of the written word. In this 2-days course participants will:

  • Be introduced to the use and abuse of, and mistakes in writing
  • Will acquire the basic but essential aspects of effective writing
  • Be equipped with a basic working knowledge of effective writing techniques
  • Understand how to use the correct words and sentences in different situations
  • Learn how to apply writing techniques in real-life insurance management situations


  • Executives  and Managers in the insurance/takaful industry
  • Insurance/takaful and other professionals who need to compose documents
  • Entrepreneurs


SESSION 1  Recapping the Basics of Writing

  • Using adjectives and adverbs
  • Using pronouns
  • Using prepositions
  • Using similes and idioms
  • Class practice  Simple compositions

SESSION 2  The Writing Process

  • Prewriting
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Types of writing
  • Who is the audience
  • Class participation  paragraph compositions

SESSION 3  Principles of Effective Writing

  • Avoid or enhance wordiness
  • Record information according to its order
  • The KISS Principle
  • Between actor and action
  • Using abbreviations
  • Case studies  Claims letters

SESSION 4  Letter and emails

  • Difference between letters and emails
  • Difference strokes for different folks
  • Case studies  Claims letters


Azman Ismail has spoken and presented papers in seventeen countries on various topics. He has written six books and translated four books into the English language. He is a member , Board of Studies at the Institution of Islamic Banking and Finance and a part time lecturer at Malaysian Insurance Institution since 1997. He is a Shariah adviser to several insurers/takaful operations.

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