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Amidst the dynamic shifts in key challenges confronting banking institutions ranging from greater competition, more stringent regulations and the relatively higher inherent risks, the strong underlying need to conduct the business of banking in a professional and ethical way, cannot be overemphasised.

Building trust and credibility in a bank as a trustworthy institution requires professionalism and ethical conduct from multiple stakeholders including shareholders, the Board of Directors down to the lowest level employee.

Exciting and often promising Vision, Mission and Core Value Statements in a banking institution’s Annual Report, web-site or in other media needs to be demonstrated consistently and sustainably by the banking institution, including its employees, on a daily basis. Prudence, sincerity in intention, integrated understanding and abiding strictly with the tenets of underlying professionalism and ethical conduct for the greater good, will bring sustainable long term value.



By completing this practical 1  day programme, participants will be able to:

1) Define and understand what is meant by professionalism and ethics in the context of everyday banking practice.
2) Understand the key principles and guidelines for ethical conduct and practice in corporate governance.
3) Identify ethical and unethical behaviours and conduct whilst guiding their subordinates towards ensuring professionalism and ethical behaviour
4) Learn how to make ethical decisions in their roles as managers and leaders.
5) Raise their level of everyday work performance and professionalism



Dr Paramsothy Vijayan is the Director of Graduate Training& FSTEP, and Senior Consultant at the Asian Banking School. He Started his career working in one of the big 8 Chartered Accountants and Management Consultancy firms in the UK, he has over 20 years of banking experience in local and foreign banks up to a senior management level. Dr. Vijay is involved in the curriculum working committee for professional qualification programmes such as the Chartered Banker and Bank Risk Management. He is also a designated Chartered Banker trainer, using mind-mapping
techniques, case studies and problem-based learning.

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