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Excel Leadership Programme

Programme Overview

The Excel programme aims to raise the bar for the high potential talent to understand what it takes to lead – both from within themselves and through their influence on the wider organisation. The intense in-class discussions will develop a breed of effective leaders who learn from a cross-industry setting and can integrate ideas from their peers in addressing their most persistent organisational challenges. Participants experience the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a live situation to discuss the real challenges facing a business and offer solutions to C-Suite leaders. Such a Knowledge–Application–Empowerment model with expert faculty insights shape leaders’ judgment and thinking to act rationally.

Programme Outline

AGILE LEADERSHIP Agile leadership is required to implement a series of changes, be it in job roles, processes or structures. In this session, participants will discuss and practice using change simulation to exercises the quality of an agile leader.
DECISIVE LEADERSHIP Decisive leadership will help the participants make tough choices, and to operate outside of their comfort zone. This session will discuss how leaders can mitigate biases and adopt effective decision-making techniques.
CRISIS LEADERSHIP In this session, the faculty will highlight the difference between a crisis and an incident. She will share how to code the crisis and how the crisis can be looked upon as an opportunity and how never to waste a crisis. There will be examples shared on how organisations and leaders have successfully and unsuccessfully dealt with a crisis and the lessons learnt. Finally, participants will be given a framework to follow for crisis leadership in action.
ASSERTIVE LEADERSHIP Assertiveness is very important in leadership – it is one of the key leadership skills for achieving success in leading a group of people. Leaders who are not assertive enough fail to stand up for themselves or their groups or organisations and thus allow themselves (or their group or organisation) to be taken advantage of. The faculty will explain the benefits of being assertive in the right way and the kind of assertive behaviour that will suit different people and different circumstances so as to come across as authentic and non-confrontational.

Who Should Attend

  • Are you at a stage where you would like to reflect on your leadership effectiveness and take steps to further develop as a leader?
  • Are you looking for a leadership programme that is thought-provoking, highly experiential, and rich in opportunities to interact with your peers?
  • Are you interested in playing a key role in transforming the business landscape in a world that is constantly disrupted?
  • Are you stimulated to think about your contribution to lead strategy, influence stakeholders and drive change?
  • If the answers to the above questions are ‘YES’, then “EXCEL” may be the ideal leadership programme for you.

Your Investment

Stakeholders * : BND 3000 (SBS: 100%)
Non-Stakeholders: BND 3000

* Stakeholders are participants from MOFE, AMBD and all domestic banks in Brunei Darussalam.


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