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Financial Essentials for Non-Financial Professional


This workshop is exclusively designed to foster the talent growth of the financial industry communities. We aim to assist finance industry professionals from diverse backgrounds to get a firm grasp on the numbers side of business. The primary goal is to help them develop sound financial knowledge to read, understand and analyse financial reports; providing them with the essential Financial Skills. This professional programme is suited for all major disciplines including Banking, Finance, Insurance, Capital Market, Management and Professional Studies as it is exclusively designed to meet the broad spectrum of the industrial learning and development needs from entry to intermedi- ate and advanced level.


Participants will develop tremendous business insight and will be able to:

  • Understand Financial Concepts
  • Identify the core Financial Statements and their content and relationship
  • Distinguish the difference between Profit and Cash
  • Prepare a Financial Plan for a Business (Non-Technical)
  • Analyse Financial Statements and understand how the numbers impact the organization
  • Review and Critically Analyse Corporate Annual Reports
  • Understand the limitations of Financial Statements


  • Ability to see the underlying business dynamics from a financial perspective
  • Appreciate the use of tools for enhanced Business Management
  • Make better business decisions with a keen insight for the business numbers
  • Become a rejuvenated team-player in achieving corporate and financial goals
  • Build a more productive relationship with suppliers & customers
  • Participate effectively in Management Meetings
  • Build cross-functional working relationships that enhance organizational value
  • Know the questions to ask and whether they are getting the right answers
  • Think ?Bottom-Line? and help transform performance measures into results 6
  • Build up the confidence to work with finance professionals and top management
  • Apply knowledge to enhance profit for the organization
  • Develop business acumen, extend professional skills and add career value
  • Better manage part, or the whole of any business they are involved in
  • Apply financial management knowledge to work, business and personal life


  • Company Directors / Business Owners / SME Entrepreneurs
  • General Manager / Branch Manager / Divisional Manager
  • Managers / Executives / Engineers / Technical Specialist
  • Professionals such as Doctors, Architects and Lawyers
  • Business Investors / Financial Analysts / Bankers
  • Non-Financial Persons heading the Finance & Admin department
  • Personnel who require further knowledge to assist their managers, prepare management reports and liaise with other departments


S . YOGA THEVAN is a Chartered Global Management Accountant and an associate of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK). He also obtained an MBA from the renowned Strathclyde University Graduate School of Business. His career began in Panasonic. Since 2004 he is a full-time Knowledge Facilitator. He is also a regular speaker for PSMB, MIA, SSM, SME Corp, MEF and many corporations. Yoga is also a founding member of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers and was President in 2008. Between 2008 and 2014, Yoga has trained over 3000 Directors, Business Owners and Managers on Financial Skills in class sizes of 10-35 persons, along with in-house trainings. In 2012 he was engaged by the Malaysian Government to brief all heads of department and top ranking officers in various Ministries on the concept and impact of Accrual Accounting to the Government Accounts – commencing in year 2016.

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