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Financial Planning Practitioners’ Programme

Financial planning is a fast growing field under the financial sector all over the world and our country is now seeing a spurt in the growth of financial planning activities. There has also been an emergence of financial planners in the country with a myriad of titles and qualifications, which may make it difficult for the public to discern which qualification is more acceptable.

AMBD has appointed CIBFM to be the official Licensing Examination for the purposes of the licensing requirements under the Securities Markets Order, 2013.

Thus, the Financial Planning Practitioners’ Programme (FPPP) was formulated specifically to address the licensing requirement for financial planners with the guidance and support of AMBD as well as TAP, to cover the minimum knowledge and skills expected of a competent financial planner.  The workshop consists of two parts; theory and skills which will be followed by assessments to ensure the financial planners demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills required to serve the public effectively.

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