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Financial Planning Practitioners’ Programme (FPPP)

Programme Overview

The Financial Planning Practitioners’ Programme (FPPP) was formulated specifically to address the licensing requirement for financial planners with the guidance and support of BDCB as well as TAP, to cover the minimum knowledge and skills expected of a competent financial planner. This programme also focuses on the area of Islamic wealth management and financial planning. Emphasis will be more on the Islamic aspects, as part of a comprehensive planning and management of wealth, and how these concepts can be translated into practical applications.

The workshop consists of two parts; theory and skills which will be followed by assessments to ensure the financial planners demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills required to serve the public effectively.

BDCB has appointed BILIF to be the official Licensing Programme for the purposes of the licensing requirements under the Securities Markets Order, 2013.

Programme Objectives

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate profound knowledge and understanding of financial planning.
  • Utilize various financial ratios used for Financial Planning;
  • Understand cash management and budgeting, time value of money, investment planning, risk management, insurance planning and estate planning;
  • Establish financial goals and provide solutions and
  • Apply the Shariah principles in financial planning and
    wealth management;
  • Appreciate the diverse perspectives between conventional and Islamic financial planning; and
  • Understand the concepts of Maqasid Syariah and how these objectives can be achieved.

Who is this Programme for?

  • Individuals interested to apply for licensing from BDCB under investment/investment-linked advice;
  • Individuals who are selling investments and/or investment-linked insurances; and
  • Individuals interested to become a financial planner.

Programme Schedule

Date Time
6-9 March 2023 Theory
13 March 2023 Two (2) hours Theory Exam
14-17 March 2023 Phase 2: Skills Training
20-21 March 2023 Skills Assessment

Programme Outline

Module 1: introduction to Financial Planning
Module 2: Financial Statement and Financial Ratio Analysis
Module 3: Cash Management and Budgeting
Module 4: Time Value of Money
Module 5: Risk Management and Insurance Planning
Module 6: Investment Products and Investment Planning
Module 7: Unit Trusts
Module 8: Retirement Planning
Module 9: Estate Planning
Module 10: Code of Ethics and Regulatory Controls & Practices

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