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FISH! Has been called an antidote to cynicism, depression, burnout and anger. Most organisations are using it for nearly every issue facing business today: leadership, orientation, teamwork, retention, creativity, customer service, quality improvement, change -anything involving human interaction.


By the end of the 1-day programme, participants are expect to be able to:
Build the trust that helps teams be more productive and adapt quickly to change;
Listen and communicate better;
Embody the attitudes and values you want to see in your organization or team;
Remove fear and inspire people to be their best for customers, for each other and for the organization.


The four FISH! Practices;
To There As A Leader;
As A Leader, You Can Encourage A Play-Full Envi-ronment;
A Leader Makes Their Day;
Choose Your Attitude;
Learn How To Become An Infectious Leader;
Find It, Live It, Coach It!
How to build a FISH! Community of leaders;



The FISH! For Leaders training course is for anyone, from business owners to frontline supervisors, who wants to lead more effectively.



Jack Rankin
A dynamic and professional trainer and business coach that is known for his clear communication style and laser focus on helping clients to achieve their outcomes. Over the last 8 years he has delivered over 50 different professional development programs & multiple business coaching sessions throughout Australia and the Globe including New Zealand, Bali, The United States, Costa Rica and Singapore. With a laser focus on helping clients to achieve their outcomes he has helped thousands of people including CEOs, Executives, Business Owners, Middle Managers and Frontline staff. Understanding the critical nature of Leadership Management, Client Satisfaction, Sales, Cash Flow, Team Direction & Personal Productivity he builds rapport quickly and helps clients to strategically assess the health of their business and to move forward with greater precision, purpose and passion!

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