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Handling Difficult Customers

Programme Overview

Customer service has always been recognised as an essential part of any business or organisation. In the modern competitive business world, customer service is not just about keeping some clients happy or solving some minor problems, but it is about fulfilling customers’ expectations and raising their business profile. Good customer service makes a huge difference to a company’s image, credibility and more importantly profitability.

This content-rich course contains interactive exercises, scenarios, case studies, principles and guidelines in order to offer a systematic method for mastering customer services and handling difficult customers.

Programme Objectives

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Ask effective questions from customers to get results;
  • Use empathy to maintain rapport with customers;
  • Professionally respond to a customer’s demands & requests;
  • Sequence your sentences effectively to maximise results;
  • Handle phone conversations professionally;
  • Defuse uncomfortable interactions with customers;
  • Use the right mental attitude when dealing with customers to minimise the effect of difficult encounters;
  • Avoid using words that trigger negative emotional responses; and
  • Handle customer complaints more effectively.

Who Should Attend

  • Front-liners
  • Sales executives
  • Customer support


Face-to-face class, which includes:

  • Mini lectures
  • Case studies
  • Small group discussions
  • Activities
  • Role plays

Your Investment

Categories Stakeholder Non-stakeholder
Programme Fee $ 800.00 (20% SBS) $ 900.00
Group Fee (for every 2 pax) $ 1,120.00 $ 1,260.00


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