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This course is designed to introduce and enhance the participants understanding of the principles, concepts and underlying contracts applied in takaful. The main objective of this program is to provide essential knowledge and basic building blocks in the features and operations of takaful.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  •  Explain the conceptual and practical aspects of takaful and the link between both.
  •  List the various principles, concepts and underlying contracts applied in general and family takaful business.
  • Enumerate the differences between takaful and insurance.
  •  Understand the role of takaful business in Islamic economy and financial system.
  • Apply the knowledge in real practice

Course Outline

  • Introduction & Definition of Takaful
  • Concept of Takaful
  • The Shariah Basis of Takaful
  • Basic Principles of Takaful
  • Takaful Products
  • Basic Operational Models For Takaful
  • Pure Cooperative Model
  • Mudarabah Model
  • Wakalah Model
  • Combination of Wakalah & Mudarabah
  • Difference between Takaful and Conventional Insurance
  • Eliminating Gharar, Riba & Maisir from Takaful
  • Essentials Contracts In Takaful.
  • Theory of Contracts in Islamic Law
  • Classification of Contract
  • Essentials Contracts In Takaful Operation


Course Contents 

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