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High Impact Executive Leadership (HIEL) Programme

Programme Overview

High Impact Executive Leadership (HIEL) Programme is a 3 months holistic programme on Inter-personal and Intra-personal Leadership, Organisational Leadership, Transformational & Sustainability Journey. It is designed by conducting research and studies of various leadership programmes and observing the evolving needs of leaders who are pursuing to transform themselves to be impactful.

HIEL includes Leadership Coaching that focuses on unleashing leadership potential and effectiveness of the leaders. Leadership coaching offers 1-on-1 attention to the participants’s specific needs, which focuses on the creative growth of the of the participants. It also includes Organisational Leadership focuses on leading your lead groups of individuals toward fulfilling an organization’s mission, aligning the vision of an organisation with its objectives and strategies before cascading the vision throughout the organisation hierarchy, drawing from the tools and techniques of Systems Thinking, Strategic Foresight and Strategic Planning.

Moreover, HIEL focuses on Executive Presence as well to improve internal and external communication skills, and to practice on speaking confidently at conferences and maintaining formal speech delivery and being an influential speaker. In this module participants will be fully equipped with the proper knowledge, and skills, and develop positive dynamic attitudes and habits which will further empower their work and daily lives and achieve higher performance in today’s competitive economic environment.

Lastly, Transformational and Sustainability Journey is included to discuss relevant global issues such as Sustainable Recovery & Growth, Leadership in the new form of Technology, to learn the best practices deployed by successful leaders on their Transformational and sustainability of their organization, create clear roadmap for sustainable business transformation, combined with ideas and experiences from successful leaders, a renewed sense of purpose and deep know-how.

Programme Objectives

By the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Gain valuable insights and feedback through analysis and 1:1 coaching;
  • Create tailored leadership development plan through analysis of the Leadership Circle Profile;
  • Analyse your organisation and understand organisational behaviour and motivation;
  • Align your leadership vision and inspire your people;
  • Develop charisma and build your stage presence through engaging and effective communication; and
  • Transform your organisation and embark on a transformative and sustainability journey through sharing by local and international leaders.

Who Should Attend

HIEL as a whole is for executives and Senior Leaders whose work have strategic implications for their organisation.


Experiential Learning, involving practical sessions with experts via:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Hybrid
  • Virtual

Your Investment

Package Stakeholder Non Stakeholder
Normal Price $ 15,500 $ 15,500


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