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ICA Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering

Programme Overview

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) continues to rank as a top priority, particularly in financial institutions. Increasingly, employers and regulators are looking for verifiable evidence of a certain level of knowledge and skills in the area of anti-money laundering.

The ICA professional qualification provides this benchmark and is designed to provide practical knowledge and skills that are directly transferable to the workplace.

Programme Objectives

Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Obtain a full understanding of money laundering
  • Outline the methods used by money launderers
  • Discuss why it is important for businesses in the regulated sector to avoid involvement in money laundering
  • Introduce the risks associated with terrorist financing
  • Discuss sanctions regimes in place against jurisdictions and individuals involved in possible money laundering and terrorist financing.

Programme Outline

  • Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Sanctions
  • Vulnerabilities of financial institutions to money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing in practice
  • Anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing – legal and regulatory structures
  • Management obligations and the risk-based approach to money laundering and terrorist financing


Multiple choice examination delivered via Computer Based Testing (CBT)

Who should attend

  • Staff assuming responsibilities for specific anti-money laundering duties;
  • Staff working in financial services that require an introduction to anti-money laundering;
  • Anyone aspiring for a career in anti-money laundering or fraud prevention.

Your Investment

Stakeholders * : BND 1,700 (10% SBS)
NonStakeholders: BND 1,950

* Stakeholders are participants from MOFE, AMBD and all domestic banks in Brunei Darussalam.


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