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Be empowered with the behaviour of successful sellers. Research shows evidence that no matter what the past
selling experience is, it is important to be able to influence and convince stakeholders, obtain ‘buy-in’ to your
proposal, overcome objections and manage ‘difficult’ customers. This programme avoids a formulaic
approach to selling in favour of building behavioural and process flexibility, enabling sellers achieve their
objectives while maintaining positive, long-term relationships with their stakeholders, helps build influence
skills and teaches them how to match techniques to each sales situation, and presents all concepts in the
context of a Critical Selling Situation that each participant brings to the program.



  • Use positive influence to achieve sales objectives
  • Apply appropriate influence styles in each stage of a sales cycle and shorten the cycle
  • Analyse stakeholders and situations to apply appropriate selling styles
  • Manage and influence difficult stakeholders effectively using personal power
  • Refine influence selling skills, learn more styles and expand the use of personal influence in daily sales situations



Eric Ng is the President of a company, holding an exclusive license in Singapore with Situation Management
Systems, Inc. – an international organisation specialising in Influence and Negotiation and a master trainer for
the Positive Power & Influence® Programme. He travels extensively in Asia delivering training to and coaching
senior management and executives.His clients include Fortune 500 companies, Global 1000 companies, MNCs, SMEs and government organisations. He also conducts public programmes under the Singapore Institute of
Management (SIM).

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