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This course introduces Microsoft Excel users to the advanced features of the software application, in addition to the usual features such as creating and editing charts; modifying chart
options; working with multiple worksheets and workbooks and use financial and logical functions. Participants will earn how to sort and manage data in lists; filter and query data;
lookup and database functions. In-class exercises will involve the use of data tables and scenarios to make projections about data and to analyze data. Participants will also learn how to
use functions such as Trim, Roundup, Days360 and many more.


• Sorting Data
• Filtering Data
• Excel Tables
• Going Further with Formatting
• Going Further with Formulas & Functions
• Functions
• Charts



Joshua Lim have been interested in IT since the mid-1990’s when he taught himself how to build websites. Since then he went on to earn an Honors degree in Information Systems from
the National University of Singapore, conducted research on Information Seeking habits in Japan and started his own business in Brunei, specialising in website- building and
online solutions. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to conduct training workshops to impart valuable skills to Bruneians. Most of them have been IT related
but his interest in Performance, Creativity and Human Development has also allowed him to conduct workshops ranging from Improvisation to Facilitation.


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