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This program provides an in-depth to investment banking and the core technical skills used by investment bankers and finance professionals. The focus is on understanding the essential concepts of the business, financial statements, valuation, investment banking transactions and an introduction to financial modelling.

Programme Outline

  • Understand the function of an investment bank and its role in the capital markets
  • Understand financial statements as a representation of the business’ activities
  • Understand the key valuation methodologies
  • Understand investment banking transactions
  • Be introduced to Investment Banking, its structure and its functioning.
  • Understand how Investment Banking differs from Retail & Commercial Bank
  • Understand the role of Investment Banking in Debt Securities and Private Equity

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Investment Banking – A Primer
  • Investment Banking – Working

Day 2

  • Debt Securities
  • Private Equity
  • Prime Brokerage


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