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The Islamic Asset Management course provides a comprehensive overview of asset management and how it is applied in Islamic banking and finance. This course has a high degree of delegate participation, and will start with an introductory session on asset management in general, and Islamic asset management in particular. Having laid out the basics, the different roles and responsibilities such as the fund manager, the analyst, and the administrator, will be explored in detail. Special attention will be given to the structure, role and responsibilities of the Shariah Supervisory Board. Following a review of a number of potential fund structures, delegates will be working in groups on reviewing a number of different case studies based on actual funds available in the market.


At the end of the programme, the participants will able to:

  • Discuss the fundamental elements of Islamic asset management
  • Explain the various structures and regulations of Islamic funds
  • Illustrate the operational and technical aspects related to Islamic asset management such as NAV calculation, redemptions, and subscriptions
  • Describe the types of funds available in the market and analyse its challenges, structures, and the comparison with other funds

Course Content

  • Introduction and review of basic elements of Islamic asset management including the definition of a fund, investor objectives, the relationship between risk and return, and how funds fit in to the investment universe;
  • Fund structures, regulation and listing – A review of the most prevalent organisational structure, as well as the jurisdictions for listing and regulation will be discussed, including additional disclosure requirements for Islamic funds;
  • Fund operations – Subscriptions, redemptions, liquidity requirements, important concepts of operations, calculation of the Net Asset Value (NAV);
  • Roles and responsibilities of different parties – Fund manager, analysts, administrators, distributors, and the Shariah Supervisory Board;
  • Shariah compliance – Detail role of the Shariah Supervisory Board, their involvement, the approval process and issues of non-compliance;


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