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Islamic Banking:A Total Perspective is a 2 days training to equip participants with the knowledge necessary for retail banking staff and those dealing with retail banking



  • An Overview of Islamic Banking:
  • Deposits and Its Return
  • Retail & Corporate Banking
  •  Regulatory Issues and Challenges
  •  Shariah Governance Framework
  •  Managing Shariah Non-Compliance Risk
  •  Understanding Shariah Requirements
  •  Overview of Risk in Banking
  • Concept of Shariah Non-Compliance Risks
  •  Identifying Non-Compliance Risks
  • Mitigating Shariah Non-Compliance Risk
  •  Case Study: The Impact of IFSA 2013 in
    Addressing Shariah Non-Compliance Risk



Ashraf Gomma Ali joined CIMB in April 2017 as Director and Head, Shariah & Governance Department. He is currently a Shariah Supervisory Board Member of University Bank, Ann Arbor,
Michigan which had completed a full analysis of the Murabahah home finance product and issued a certificate of compliance. He is also a Certified Shariah Auditor and Advisor AAOIFI and ACI
Treasury Dealer Certificate ACI- The Financial Markets Association. Md Arop Othman ist heRegional Headof Shariah Risk Management of CIMB Group. He was with Bank Negara Malaysia for 15 years before joining a number of Islamic Banks in Malaysia i.e Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, EXIM Bank Malaysia Berhad and Al Rajhi Bank.

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