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Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ)


The Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ) expands upon knowledge gained from the Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance. It is a global qualification that covers Islamic finance from both a technical and a Shariah perspective, providing the first international benchmark in the area of Islamic finance.

It provides an understanding of the influence of Shariah in a business context and prepares candidates to hold key positions in Islamic finance and takaful (Islamic insurance) industries.




Five Pillars Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated Islamic Finance & Investment advisory and consultancy firm. The founder and Managing Director is Raj Mohamad, ASCI. Raj Mohamad is an accredited training provider of Islamic Finance Qualifications courses offered by CISI, the UK since 2012.

Raj has extensive conventional banking experience particularly in the private banking and risk management. He was also Head of Sales with Bloomberg developing businesses in the regional S E Asian developing markets. Raj Mohamad was responsible for building the Islamic Finance portal for both Reuters and Bloomberg L P.

Five Pillars have advised in history making deal such as World’s largest Industrial REITs Sabana Shari’ah Compliant REIT. Five Pillars’ clients include private banks, fund management companies and quasi-sovereign entities.

Raj is also Shari’ah Secretariat of Gulf-Asia Shari’ah Compliant Investment Associations (GASCIA.ORG) and that of Silk Route Financials, which is advising China’s first Sukuk issues.
Five Pillars is also the accredited training provider of UK based Chartered Institute of Investments and Securities (CISI). They further have been invited to offer Islamic Finance courses in Saudi Arabia. As part of his Islamic Finance training, he has conducted master classes on Islamic Finance for the Real Estate Dept of the National University of Singapore, Real Estate Division and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policies EDP Program in Brunei.

Five Pillars views are often sought by international news wire such as Bloomberg and Reuters. Raj is also a frequent speaker in the Islamic Finance and conventional finance symposiums and conferences.


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