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As interest-free banking and insurance has evidently become the fastest growing sector in Finance, so too has the need for specialist training where experience is scarce, and knowledge limited.

In fact, many concepts of interest-free financial services have not yet been fully explored as new instruments that meet the requirements set by experts internationally emerge regularly.

It has thus become critical that extensive capacity-building is conducted to impart the skills and understanding of the interest-free finance instruments and asset protection.

Products offered by non-Interest banking appeal to customers that cross religious differences and cultures. Malaysia, for example, has a +-60% Muslim population with a dual banking system. However, it is common knowledge that more than 50% of Islamic banking customers are not Muslim.

Global involvement in Islamic banking has motivated growth in the sector with the fact that the philosophy appeals to and works well even in secular environments.

Unfortunately, the Islamic banking and finance sector has a suffered from a dearth of skills from both the regulators and those regulated, lack of public awareness, deficiency in product development and lack of liquidity management instruments and complementary products and services such as Sukuk structuring among others.

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