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Islamic Financial Planning 101

Programme Overview

The Islamic Financial Planning 101 programme focuses on providing insight into the systematic management of participants’ personal finances in accordance with Syariah principles. The topics that will be discussed shall include Cash Flow and Asset-Liabilities Management; Risk Management and Takaful Planning; Investment; Retirement; and Islamic Legacy Planning which differs from conventional financial planning. Upon completion of the programme, the participants will acquire a complete understanding of Islamic financial planning and its application to their real-life financial needs such as creating financial goals and objectives, identifying financial standing, budgeting etc.

Programme Objectives

In this programme, participants will be apprised on the following aspects of Islamic financial planning:

  • To promote and create awareness on the importance of Islamic financial planning;
  • To share knowledge and provide understanding on the components of Islamic Financial Planning such as Cash Flow and Asset Liabilities Management;
  • Islamic Risk Management and Takaful Planning;
  • Islamic Investment; Retirement Planning; Legacy Planning, Zakat and Hajj Planning;
  • To draw up and produce personal financial goals with clarity through a systematic 6-steps process and guidelines;
  • To identify current personal financial standings for the creation of more realistic and sustainable financial objectives; and
  • To understand and assess the financial strengths and weaknesses by using financial planning tools i.e. Financial Statements;
  • To prepare personal financial statements which include Statement of Net Worth, Cash Flows and Financial Ratios;
  • To learn how to prepare an effective Personal Budgeting Plan; and
  • To improve and manage their personal financial systematically with simple tips, techniques and strategies.

Programme Outline

  • Introduction to Islamic Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow and Asset-Liabilities Management
  • Risk Management and Takaful Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Islamic Legacy Planning

Why You Should Attend

  • To help you create saving habits and manage your income expenses
  • To create awareness and to help you understand the importance of Islamic Financial Planning
  • To be more systematic in Financial Planning
  • To give you a peace of mind, knowing finance is under control
  • To save and plan for retirement

Who Should Attend

  • Self employed
  • Newly employed
  • Soon to retire
  • Young families
  • Breadwinners/ Main income earner

Your Investment

BND 200 (Stakeholders and Non-stakeholders)*

* Stakeholders are participants from MOFE, AMBD and all  domestic banks in Brunei Darussalam.


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