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Islamic Financial Planning 202: Personal Financial Management with Islamic Concept

Programme Overview

The Islamic Financial Planning (IFP) 202 introductory programme offers broader areas of the personal financial aspects catering to the more sophisticated financial needs in accordance with Syariah principles.

The topics that will be discussed include Asset Management, Zakat Planning, Retirement Planning, Education and Hajj Planning and Islamic Legacy Management. Upon completion of the programme, participants will better understand investment strategies and asset allocations, provide provision for Zakat and explore different approaches towards comfortable retirement. Participants will also discover IFP concepts for estate distribution through faraid, wasiat and hibah.

Who is this Programme for?

The programme is designed for individuals who wish to learn about the important components of Islamic financial planning and understand different financial planning options that are in accordance with Syariah principles.

Programme Objectives

  • Understand asset management, retirement planning, zakat and Hajj planning, and Islamic legacy planning;
  • Assess own retirement needs and other life goals to be incorporated in financial plans such as Hajj plans and education; and
  • Describe asset allocation strategies and calculate personal zakat provisions.


Face-to-face training.

    Programme Outline

    Module 1: Asset Management
    Module 2: Zakat Planning
    Module 3: Retirement Planning
    Module 4: Education and Hajj Planning
    Module 5: Islamic Legacy Planning 

    Programme Delivery

    Date Time
    24 July 2023

    8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
    1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

    Your Investment

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    Fee $ 300.00 $ 400.00


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