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Lead Your Team With Confidence In the 21st Century


Are you having difficulty seeing the big picture and unable to take full advantage of your team members potential to the optimum? Being able to convince and inspire others for the achievement of goals is critical for the success of the organisation. To make this possible, we need leaders who are able to lead with confidence.

The business world will never be the same. In difficult times like now, business firms are under pressure to seek new ways to survive and grow.

To make that possible, you can’t manage the business processes and people with a mindset of sustaining a status quo.  The changing times require team leaders who are able to lead their teams with confidence.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Apply the psychology of confidence principles with your team to bring out the best
  • Adopt your leadership style to suit the changing workplace situations
  • Recognise the difference between the Management and Leadership approach when getting things done
  • Learn and apply effective decision making for better results using relevant tools and approaches
  • Manage the changes more effectively using the models and tools introduced during the training

Programme Outline

  • Introduction to Course Objectives
  • Building Your Confidence Level
  • Understanding Key Leadership Principles
  • Leadership and Management
  • Leading With Your Heart
  • Team Leadership and Communication
  • The Art of  Persuasion
  • Leading Towards Peak Performance
  • Leadership and Decision Making
  • Coaching@Work
  • Leading Change@Work
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