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Like a Pro Series: Write Like a Pro

Programme Overview

The ‘Like a Pro’ Series is a series of workshops catered to improve your overall professional skills in writing, selling, presenting, and negotiating. Each workshop is tailored to develop your professional skills and will allow you to be more effective in your communication with a boost of confidence that every professional needs.

Workshops included in the ‘Like a Pro’ Series are:

  • Write Like a Pro
  • Sell Like a Pro
  • Present Like a Pro
  • Negotiate Like a Pro

Write Like a Pro workshop is a 2 day programme that will develop your business writing skills. Writing is a crucial method of communication in the professional world. Developing competent writing skills is especially imperative in the business world to have that extra edge in your career. This workshop will give you the essential writing skills to start writing like a pro!

Programme Objectives

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Avoid common spelling and grammar issues in business writing;
  • Grasp the fundamental purpose of communication (inform, instruct, persuade);
  • Master concepts in sentences, paragraphs, and professional and business writing techniques;
  • Apply business-centric writing at workplace;
  • Learn techniques in writing effective business communication such as email messages, business letters, reports, and proposals; and
  • Apply modern techniques in improving proofreading skills.

Who Should Attend

This course is suited for:

  • Executives
  • Supervisors
  • Support Staff
  • Office Administrator


This training will include various sessions on theories, individual activities, and group exercises.

Programme Outline

Modules Programme Description
Grammar and Spelling 101
– Types of common mistakes
– Basic grammatical guide
– Common words and phrases in the business context
Participants will have a refresher on the basic guidelines of written communication in a business and professional context. This introduction module helps ease the participants in the course.
Positive Language
– Communicating with positivity
Negativity in communication may cause impasse. This seemingly simple module will help the participants to communicate in a positive tone even though things are decidedly unfavorable.
Purpose of Communication
– Inform, Instruct, Persuade
Participants will understand the differences between inform, instruct and persuade in general communication.
Purpose of Written Communication
– Types of Sentences

Participants will explore the differences between declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory sentences in written communication.

Constructing Sentences and Paragraphs
– Active vs Passive
– Topic sentence
– Supporting sentence
– Satellite paragraph
Participants will learn to construct concise and appropriate sentences as well as paragraphs for business communication.
Types of Business Writing
– Email
– Report
– Memo
– Meeting agenda
– Business Letter
– Concise Proposal
– Summary
Participants will learn the structure and composition of different types of business written communication.

Programme Delivery

Date Time
16 – 17 November 2022  8:30 am – 12:00 pm & 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Your Investment

Programme Stakeholder Non-stakeholder
Like a Pro Series:

Write Like a Pro

$700 (20% sbs) $800
Like a Pro Series* $2,600 $2,970

*Note: Like a Pro Series consists of the following:

  • Present like a Pro (5-6 October 2022);
  • Sell like a Pro (18-19 October 2022);
  • Negotiate like a Pro (14-15 November 2022); and
  • Write like a Pro (16-17 November 2022).


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