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Marketing Skills: Understanding the Customer Decision Journey for Business


Connect your brand with customers and differentiate your company from the competition. Learn how the customer decision journey has developed, with digital as the catalyst, and why it’s more critical than ever to your business. Create buyer personas, define andmap customer touch points(for both offline and online),and align your marketing message to the customer decision journey.

This Customer Decision Journey framework will help you create customer-focused, integrated campaigns and experiences by connecting your brand with customers at their most influential points throughout their decision journey.


  • Describe the basics of the Decision Journey
  • Identify Buyers’ Personas
  • Understand Journey stages
  • Define touch points and engage customers
  • Align Messaging and Content


David Ho is a SEA independent media professional in the marketing communication field with his area of expertise in digital marketing includes digital data, e-commerce, m-commerce, content marketing, socialmedia marketing and digitalmedia. David has trained over 3,000 advertising and marketing professionals in the APAC region and was the industry speaker for IAB Singapore, Marketing Research Society ofMalaysia (MRSM) and most recentlyfor theMalaysia Newspaper Publishers Association. He was recently the APACRegional Director for Acknowledge Asia/Adparlor
(InternationalOnlineAdvertising company) and Managing Director for iProspect (International Online Marketing company)and Kinetic (leading out of home media company).



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