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Moving From An Operational Manager To A Strategic Thinker


The purpose of this programme is to help managers understand the need to balance their roles – between operational management and strategic thinking. As organisations have flattened and roles have changed, strategic thinking is no longer responsibility to think strategically about their roles within the context of their organisations business.


On completing the programme, participants will be able to:-

  • Understand and Develop the strategic direction;
  • Identify the Company strengths and weaknesses;
  • Identify markets and competitions
  • Formulate possible strategies
  • Do a strategic plan for your organisation or department
  • Draw up and implement an action plan
  • Achieve objectives by linking KPIs, business goals and vision – Enhance leadership and interpersonal skills

Programme Outline

Start from the beginning

  • What is our business?
  • Why do we choose this business?
  • What are some reasons for us to think and plan strategically?
  • Example of Strategic Thinking & Planning: The Value Curve
  • Culturalize The Strategic Thinking & Planning: make it a habit
  • Business idea generation
  • What is our vision?
  • How do we ACHIEVE the vision?

Information Seeking Stage

  • SWOT Analysis: looking at our strengths and weaknesses
  • Market Analysis – what is happening outside our organization?
  • Risk Analysis
  • Types of risks
  • 4 Steps in Risk Management

Action Stage: Putting it all together

  • Workshop on Strategies and Plans: WHAT do we need to do to achieve the vision?
  • Tools to help KPIs:
  • Parkinson Principle
  • Leadership & Culture: Interpersonal Skills
  • Workshop on Departmental KPIs and Target setting: HOW do we measure AND manage what we need to do?
  • Converting Vision to Reality: Setting KPI to help achieve company’s vision

Expert’s Profile

Mr. Andrew Cheah has been a trainer and management consultant since 1991, specializing in the areas of performance management, productivity improvement, behavioral change, and leadership. Andrew has trained clients from such diverse industries (see list below) as banking, insurance, hospitality, sales and distribution, manufacturing, food, property development, government/public services, and higher education. Being tri-lingual (English, Mandarin, and Malay Languages), Andrew has extensive regional exposure in Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. In addition to training, Andrew has guided and provided consulting services to clients, leading to one of them winning the prestigious Malaysian National Productivity Award presented by the previous Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Andrew has also been invited to speak in events such as International Conference on Best Practices, which was graced by senior officials from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), sharing the stage with Professor Michael Gregory of the University of Cambridge, Mr Dieter Heyl (2007 Vice President of Mercedes Benz Malaysia), and Dr Marcus Chao, President of Lean China Enterprise Inc.

Andrew has an MBA degree qualification with the University of Portsmouth, UK. At the professional level, Andrew has a certificate in Blue Ocean Leadership Masterclass, as well as Leading Dimensions Profiling Trainer Certification (LDP certified). In addition to being a qualified ISO9000 assessor, his experience in international consultancy has also earned him a membership with the Association of Productivity Specialist (New York).


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