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MS Excel Dashboard Intermediate

Programme Overview

Excel Dashboard is a page that allows managers and business leaders to track key KPIs or indicators and to decide appropriately. It includes diagrams / tables / views supported by facts. Nevertheless, not all reports are dashboards. Dashboard reports provide administrators with a high-level company summary. Excel is an excellent tool for producing powerful dashboards which allow managers to evaluate, inspect and alert on time.

In this intermediate level, the main focus of the programme is to build an interactive report using a few special functions and names. Participants can choose the report requirements from the form elements such as option buttons, drop down list, or buttons.

Who Should Attend

Any personnel that uses Microsoft Excel to analyse and prepare management reports, especially administrative, operational and middle management staff.

Programme Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Apply advanced formatting to present data accurately so that the report is easily interpreted by the Management;
  • Apply the Functions that will change the report to an interactive report; and
  • Design the Dashboard interface using the Form Elements in Microsoft Excel without any Programming knowledge


  • Basic knowledge and functionality of Microsoft Excel
  • Attended MS Excel Dashboard for beginners
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptop with MS Excel 2016 software installed

Programme Outline

Modules Programme Description
Advanced Cell
Number Format
  • Number Formatting
  • Round Value with Number Custom Format based on Cell Value
  • Display Icon base on Value
  • Introduction to Conditional Formatting
About Functions
  • About Excel References
  • Use Name Range as Absolute Reference
Interactive Functions
  • Indirect Function
  • Offset Function
  • Choose Function
  • Index Function
  • Match Function
Lookup and Calculation
  • VLOOKUP Functions
  • Database Function
  • SUMPRODUCT Function
Introduction to Form
  • Build Option Buttons
  • Group Option
  • Use Combo Box
  • Spinner Button
Building Infographics for
  • Apply Typography
  • Connect Value to Graphic/Drawing
Final Touches
  • Arrange Dashboard elements
  • Building Interaction with Report
Basic Charts
  • Convert Data to basic Charts
  • Clustered Column Chart
  • Filter Chart Data
  • Add Basic Chart Elements
  • Basic Format Chart Elements
Excel Camera Tool
  • Add Camera tool to QAT
  • Using Excel’s Camera Tool
  • Where Is the CAMERA TOOL?
  • Use Camera Tool as easy as 1,2 3… Smiles
Present Calculated Data in a
  • Design a Dashboard CARD
  • Typography techniques
  • Present Data using Simple Charts
Final Touches
  • Arrange Dashboard elements
  • Building Interaction with Report

Programme Delivery

Date Time
28 November 2022

8:30 AM – 12:15 PM
1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

29 November 2022

Your Investment

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Normal Price $ 580.00 $ 680.00


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