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Onboarding: Developing Communication Confidence

Programme Overview

Being able to communicate effectively is important in order to get your messages and information across successfully and understood by the receiver, either in your daily lives or at work. Having clear communication with a person or a group of people will setup or establish connections that allows for a better flow of information between the sender and receiver of the information.

This 2-day training programme is designed to help newly hired employees develop their confidence when communicating with their peers, colleagues, managers, and customers. The focus of this training programme is to create awareness and understanding on the key components of Communication and how employees can communicate better and build their confidence. There will be practical activities to help participants understand the key components and effective communication processes.

Programme Objectives

  • Appreciate the effective communication process;
  • Understand and minimize communication barriers and noises as well as the key components of communication;
  • Build confidence before and during communication;
  • Prepare oneself before communicating;
  • Enhance own communication skills for better communication; and
  • Apply knowledge acquired through communication activities.


  • Comfortable using a Windows PC with common hardware including a keyboard, monitor, mouse and USB ports; and
  • Know how to use Windows to launch applications, navigate directory structure and search for files.

Who Is This Programme For?

Newly hired employees or any individual who is keen to develop their communications skills


Face-to-face training.

Programme Outline

Module 1 – Introduction To Communication Module 6 – Importance of Non-verbal communication
Module 2 – Confidence Building Module 7 – Communication Self Preparation
Module 3 – The Communication Components Module 8 – Common Communication Errors
Module 4 – Communication Skills Module 9 – Emotion Control
Module 5 – Barriers To Communication

Programme Delivery

Date Time
23 –  24 October 2023

8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Your Investment

Package Stakeholder Non Stakeholder
Fee $700.00 $800.00


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