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Performance Management


To understand how Performance Management (PM) supports an organisation in achieving results at all levels and to build awareness of effective PM tools.


By the end of this workshop, through a mixture of lectures, group activities, discussion, and practical sessions, delegates will be able to demonstrate a solid understanding and appreciation of the following:

Job description and Job Evaluation (JD and JE)

  • Definition of PM
  • The two parts of PM
  • The dimensions of PM
  • The PM cycle and framework
  • Common PM mistakes
  • Performance Evaluation (PE) and its purpose
  • Common PE mistakes

Programme Outline


  • Introduction & Expectations
  • Why Do We Write/ Need Jds, who uses them, pros + cons.
  • Contents of JDs + common mistakes
  • Why Evaluate Jobs? Advantages/ Disadvantages
  • Impact of Organisation Structure
  • What Do We Need To Evaluate Jobs?
  • Performance Management: Intro + dimensions
  • Stage 1 (planning)
  • PM planning: pitfalls
  • Performance Evaluation: recommendations for successful


  • Performance Evaluation (PE): measurement
  • Pros, cons and challenges of PE tools and metrics
  • Presentations + recommendations
  • Giving feedback: annual appraisal vs continual feedback
  • Presentation by outside speaker: experiences of PM in local context
  • Group practical exercise: PM plan and feedback for ABC organisation – ideal in Brunei environment
  • Review of workshop: questions, concerns, suggestion


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