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Persuasive Selling Methods: Up Your Convincing Powers for More Sales

Programme Overview

If there is one core reason why some professionals are far more successful than others in selling, it comes down to this: They are more persuasive First, they are more persuasive in getting appointments with potential clients. Next, they can convincingly communicate in a way that makes their product, service or offer so irresistible that customers will be highly motivated to buy.

In this 2-day workshop — “Persuasive Selling Methods: Up Your Convincing Powers for More Sales”, you learn the hidden techniques that the most persuasive sales professionals use to emerge as the top earners in their field. These techniques are designed to be immediately applicable – where the moment you learnt them, they can be used in your selling efforts tomorrow. PLUS: Learn the specific persuasive methods for use in different selling situations including: Face-to-face selling, selling over the phone, selling over email, selling to a group of people and more.

Programme Objectives

  • Apply methods used by persuasive sales professionals to increase your credibility, trust, and believability in the customers’ minds
  • A technique to get more appointments with potential clients (and how to psychologically cause them to keep to the appointment instead of cancelling it or change the date)
  • Design a convincing sales proposal/pitch (from start to end) that is implanted with highly-persuasive components
  • How to ethically increase the value of your product, service or offer – causing your customers to have the urge to want it more

Who should attend

Anyone who are in the service industry

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