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Innovative Problem Solving and Decision Making


Thinking about all the problems we face today, have they become so complex that we are unable to find optimal solutions to resolve them?

Many problems in our organizations come about as a result of less than stellar decisions made in the past.
• Why is it that we were not able to solve them and they keep coming back?
• Are we are only solving the symptoms and not the root cause?
• Are we using the same tried before strategies to solve these problems?
• Do we need to generate new ideas and ways of resolving them?

Programme Outline

Module 1 – Innovation

  • Understanding innovation
  • Creating an Innovation Culture
  • Dimension of an Innovative Culture
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Management Role in Innovation
  • Motivation and Innovation
  • Project Workbook: Module 1

Module 2 – Facilitating Innovative Problem Solving

  • Attributes of a Successful Facilitator
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Diversity and Innovation
  • Avoiding Groupthink
  • The 6 Thinking Hats

Module 3 – Understanding and Defining the Problem

  • Understanding Innovative Problem Solving
  • The 5 Pitfalls that hinder innovative problem solving
  • Gathering information pertinent to the problem
  • Understanding the Problem
  • Analytical Tools and Techniques (Cause and Effect, 5 Whys and Process Questioning)
  • Defining the Problem Statement

Module 4 – Discover Many Possible Solutions

  • Divergent and Convergent Thinking
  • Basic Brainstorming
  • Variations of Barinstorming
  • Pattern Breaking Thiniking
  • Generating Solutions

Module 5 – Choosing the Right Innovative Solution

  • Developing criteria to evaluate solutions
  • Analysing potential problems to implementing solutions
  • Using SWOT to evaluate solutions
  • Using the Desicion Criteria Matrix Process
  • Doing a risk assessment of the selected solution
  • Managing the Risk Involved in the selected solution

Module 6 – Implementing your Innovative Solution

  • Identifying Tasks and Resources
  • Creating a Implementation Plan
  • Evaluating Effectiveness of Plan
  • Creating an Improvement Plan
  • Evaluating Improvement Efforts
  • Formalizing Solution as a Standard Operating Procedure

Experts’ Profile

Sanjay Mehta is a facilitator, coach and consultant with almost 20 years of career experience mostly in IT industry, leading businesses and teams locally, regionally in Asia and also in USA. His years in the IT field saw him work for one of the world’s    largest software companies, Microsoft. Areas of expertise include Business Management and Operations, Readiness Management including Training Development and Delivery, Program and Project Management, Change Management, Customer and Call Centre Support, Account Management, Consulting, Technical Sales and Systems Management.

He built teams from scratch and provided the leadership for their high performance. He turned around the field’s negative impression of his business operations team within 3 months of start up and achieved 100% accuracy in revenue recognition, data integrity and compliance.

Complementing his roles, he has a wide profile of training and coaching experience in IT, Customer Services, Leadership and  Management, etc – covering all levels of the organization. He has always had strong passion for learning and made it a high priority in all his roles. He attributes much of the success of his teams, programs and projects to the people involved and believe that people will reach their potential giving sufficient training, coaching, development opportunities, motivation and good feedback to do their jobs effectively.

He is certified in the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) and conducts trainings for his learning partners and customers in the areas of Leadership and People Management (LPM), Business Management Framework (BMF) and Employee Skills Series (ESS).

Sanjay is also a certified with a Certificate of Coaching Skills from Result Coaching Systems which is a member of International Coaching Federation (ICF). His coaching focus is on people making transitions in their work or life example moving from an individual contributor to manager, midlife career changes and switching from corporate to entrepreneurship or independent consulting.


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