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Professional Banking Management


Though many banking professionals and managers may have their own domain know-how,specialist qualifications, technical expertise and work experience, knowing what it takes to effectively lead and manage at various levels of the organisation will be invaluable throughout one’s career progression or business journey.

By learning to ask the right questions from a strategic and operational stand-point, participants will learn to better identify potential issues and likely solutions. This in turn will positively shape their leadership and
management capability in their current and future roles.
Further, by thinking, acting and feeling like a genuine leader, the inherent positive qualities of the individual can be harnessed to generate greater value for the bank in a professional, efficient and effective way.


  • Become self-aware of their individual personality, strengths, preferences and areas of work where they
    are inclined to have a high degree of work passion and self-motivation.
  • Discover the paradigm shifts that are essential in order to transform into an effective leader.
  • Identify ethical and unethical behaviours and conduct whilst guiding their subordinates towards ensuring
    professionalism and ethical behaviour
  • Gain a higher degree of self-confidence when conducting their roles and responsibilities in a variety of
  • Gain a higher degree of self-confidence when conducting their roles and responsibilities in a variety of
  • Raise their level of everyday work performance and professionalism


Understand and have worked through examples of the following:

  • Demonstrate a better appreciation of the basic concepts of compliance that are a part of everyday
  • Learn the different models of ethics
  • Identify the characteristics of professional leaders in banking and understand the different Leadership
  • Better understand the practical challenges in driving business in line with the vision, mission
  • Learn why an integrated approach is crucial even when leveraging on technology.
  • Discover what are some new and practical “Wisdom Technology” tools that can help accelerate
    and raise the level of performance and professionalism in banks.


1. Heads of Departments
2. Senior Managers
3. Managers
4. Executives


Mr. P. Manoharan

is an experienced senior banker with over 30 years of proven leadership and management experience. He was previously the Executive Vice President and Advisor to Commercial Banking in a leading regional
universal banking group.

Over the years, he has had responsibility for leading the high performance of people, projects and the banking organization in a number of key areas, successfully navigating through 4 large scale mergers and 3
economic recessions. This includes portfolios ranging from Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Branch Banking, Credit Risk Management, Compliance & Controls, Sales & Business Development, Corporate Debt
Restructuring, Asset Quality Management, Regional Business Management as well as Commercial Banking roles covering consumers, SMEs to larger corporations and multinationals in various economic sectors.

During the aftermath of the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis, he was called upon to serve as one of only three senior banking industry representatives in the Corporate Debt Restructuring Steering Committee from 1999 to
2001,under the auspices of Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia)

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