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Professionalism and Ethics in Banking


Amidst the dynamic shifts in key challenges confronting banking institutions ranging from greater competition, more stringent regulations and the relatively higher inherent risks, the strong underlying need to conduct the business of banking in a professional and ethical way, cannot be overemphasized. Building trust and credibility in a bank as a trustworthy institution requires professionalism and ethical conduct from multiple stakeholders including shareholders, the Board of Directors down to the lowest level employee.

Exciting and often promising Vision, Mission and Core Value Statements in a banking institution’s Annual Report, website or in other media needs to be demonstrated consistently and sustainability by the banking institution, including its employees, on a daily basis. Prudence, sincerity in intention, integrated understanding and abiding strictly with the tenets of underlying professionalism and ethical conduct for the greater good, will bring real long term value. This will in turn put the banking institution on a much stronger footing whilst strengthening its relevance and sustainability over the longer term.


Learning Objective

• Define and understand what is meant by professionalism and ethics in the context of everyday banking practice.
• Understand the key principles and guidelines for ethical conduct and practice in corporate governance.
• Identify ethical and unethical behaviours and conduct whilst guiding their subordinates towards ensuring professionalism and ethical behaviours
• Learn how to make ethical decisions in their roles as managers and leaders.
• Gain a higher degree of self-confidence when conducting their roles and responsibilities in a variety of circumstances.
• Raise their level of everyday work performance and professionalism


Trainer’s Profile

is an experienced senior banker with over 30 years of proven leadership and management experience. He was previously the Executive Vice President and Advisor to Commercial Banking in a leading regional universal banking group. Over the years, he has had responsibility for leading the high performance of people, projects and the banking organization in a number of key areas, successfully navigating through 4 large scale mergers and 3 economic recessions. This includes portfolios ranging from Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Branch Banking, Credit Risk Management, Compliance & Controls, Sales & Business Development, Corporate Debt Restructuring, Asset Quality Management, Regional Business Management as well as Commercial Banking roles covering consumers, SMEs to larger corporations and multinationals in various economic sectors. During the aftermath of the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis, he was called upon to serve as one of only three senior banking industry representatives in the Corporate Debt Restructuring Steering Committee from 1999 to 2001,under the auspices of Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia)

He is currently the Managing Director of Manzett Management Sdn Bhd, a boutique business performance improvement company. Apart from being a Certified Trainer on Professional Selling Skills from a leading US based global training company as well as a Certified Trainer by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (HRDF) in Malaysia, he has been an In-house Trainer for many years covering a number of technical skills, functional skills, positive mindset acceleration and knowledge based training. He has also been invited to speak at various forums including at international conferences.


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