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Qualifying Examination for Insurance/Takaful Agents (QEFITA)


Qualifying Examination For Insurance & Takaful Agents (QEFITA) is a licensing programme organised by BILIF with the support and guidance of Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) and the Brunei Insurance Takaful Association (BITA).

This programme covers the theoretical study of insurance and takaful as well as the legal and regulatory requirements of Brunei Darussalam and ends with a two-hour examination.

Programme Objectives

By this end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of Insurance/Takaful
  • Understand the importance of Insurance/Takaful in the economy and the role of Insurance/Takaful in assets

Programme Outline

Chapter 1 Introduction to Insurance
Chapter 2 An Introduction to Takaful
Chapter 3 Risk and Principles of Insurance
Chapter 4 Characteristics of General Insurance Products
Chapter 5 Classes of General Insurance Business and General Takaful Business
Chapter 6 Insurance Marketing and After-Sales Services
Chapter 7 Consumer Protection and Statutory Regulation
Chapter 8 Law of Agency
Chapter 9 Insurance Contract
Chapter 10 Insurance Documents
Chapter 11 Practice General Insurance Risk Assessment, Underwriting and
Chapter 12 Practice of General Insurance Claim
Chapter 13 Practice of General Insurance Policy Forms

Who Should Attend

QEFITA is a compulsory entry requirement for all those who intend to be registered as General Insurance/Takaful agents with BITA and those who intend to pursue a career in the Insurance/Takaful Industry.

Programme Details

Date Time
13-14 February 2023 8:15 am – 12:00 pm & 1:30pm – 5:15pm


  • Date: 16 February 2023
  • Two (2) hours examination consisting of 100 multiple choices questions
  • The passing marks for the exam are 65%.

Your Investment

Package Stakeholder Non Stakeholder
Theory + Exam Fee $230.00 $270.00
Exam Fee Only $150.00 $150.00

* Stakeholders are participants from MOFE, BDCB and all domestic banks in Brunei Darussalam.


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